What autopsies show:  “  I studied autopsies of…patients who have been treated with massive doses of antibiotics for weeks before death; the antibiotics failed to kill the cancer microbes.  I saw the microbe in tissues that had been burned with massive doses of radiation… I saw the microbe thriving in cancerous tissue that had been blitzed with chemotherapy, the cancer cells were destroyed, but the…microbe remained!  Nothing fazed the cancer microbe: not surgery, not radiation, not antibiotics, not chemotherapy…” (Alan Cantwell, Jr., M.D., The Cancer Microbe, 1990, p. 115.)

I’ve been reading Barry Lynes for the past week and the more I learn about the history of Alternative and Natural Cancer Cures, and the accumulated evidence like the statement made above by Dr. Alan Cantwell, the more I come to realize the unspeakable crime the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries, Cancer Research Institutions, Non-profit Cancer organizations, AND the American Government itself, have perpetrated against the American people over the last century!  It makes it virtually impossible to utter the statement “Proud to be an American!”  The strategic lies, cover-ups, derailment and fraud committed against successful and worthy Natural and Alternative Cancer Cures, and their creators, are not only embarrassing, but down right CRIMINAL, and I think that it’s time for the American people to stand-up and say, “NO MORE!” to the shameful death, destruction and suffering for dollars that has dominated the American Medical industry for the past 100 years! 

I do believe in dismantling the FDA, along with a “CLASS ACTION SUIT” against the Pharmaceutical Industry leaders, the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the Memorial Sloan-Kittering Cancer Center is fully justified by all the families that have unnecessarily lost loved ones to the very curable disease of CANCER since the year 1928, because the proof of successful alternative treatments and cures is abundantly evident.  However, these viable alternative therapies and natural cancer cures have been strategically nullified by individuals heading these various organizations because of egotistical pride, control, power and greed!  My hope is that a prominent and strong Law Firm steps forward to litigate such an enormous lawsuit, just as Barry Lynes suggests in his book ‘”The Healing of Cancer”, because the judgment awarded to the plaintiff (WE THE PEOPLE) would be in the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS; and maybe even some portion might be channeled towards furthering true disease research, such as the magnitude and quality performed by the likes of Dr. Claude Bernard, Dr. Royal Rife, Dr. Antoine Bechamp, Dr. Max Gerson, and many others of the last century. Also, it would be nice to see some of the money directed towards the funding of brand new Cancer  Prevention Programs such as subsidized Food Co-ops and Organic Farmers, along with local Community Gardening Projects across the nation, so that everyone, rich and poor, can have daily access to organically grown fruits and vegetables!

But my main concern right now, at the beginning of yet another year, is the fact that even after 100 years of deadly trickery, cover-ups, lies and deceit, the American doctors STILL convince over 95% of American Cancer Patients to be treated with deadly chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery!… 

How sad is that???!! …

But I am now thoroughly convinced that the ONLY REASON that percentage is so high is because the American Public has not had easy access to TRUTHFUL INFORMATION about CANCER nor Alternative Treatments and Natural Cancer Cures, and I hope and pray that many of them will find their way to one of our websites so that they can learn how to get well and stay well, and live a cancer-free life with natural organic foods, treatments, and gentle holistic therapies.

 So, the challenge and directive I would like to present to EVERY PERSON reading these words this year is to reach out and tell a friend or family member about this website, or our “sister” site at www.YourCancerCure.net , especially if they have been diagnosed with cancer, or have already started one or more of the deadly orthodox treatments!  If nothing else, it will provide them with some basic information to start asking questions of their doctors, or to inspire them to do further research on their own!  And who knows…we might even save a life or two!

The “WAR ON CANCER” was a complete FAILURE AND FRAUD, just like the President that initiated it, and it’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to stop suffering and dying unnecessarily, take full responsibility and control of our own health, and work together to get back the trillions of dollars that have been stolen from US over the last 100 years!!

Peace, and Love and Happy New Year to all!