In the Beginning of Alternative and Natural Cancer Cures

…There was the Hoxsey Therapy


The Hoxsey Therapy cured thousands of American people diagnosed with cancer during and before the 1920s, and was well on its way to becoming the largest and most popular Alternative Cancer Cure in America!   Where are they now?…Why did the curing stop in America??… Why did a victory in Federal Court against the American Medical Association, not really have the expected effect on the future success of the Therapy in America?..and who was responsible for making the Hoxsey Therapy virtually unavailable to a majority of American people diagnosed with cancer?


These questions and more are answered in the book “The Hoxsey Therapy: When Natural Cures for Cancer Became Illegal”


Anyone who is interested in the truthful history of Alternative andNatural Cancer Cures should definitely read this book.  It is an Autobiography by Harry Hoxsey, and it appears that the Hoxsey Therapy was the first and most popular and widely supported Alternative Cancer Therapy at the beginning of the 20th Century!


The book describes in great detail how Harry Hoxsey legally stood up and fought the American Medical Association on the efficacy of the Hoxsey Therapy and won!!  This victory proved without a doubt that the Hoxsey Therapy was indeed, an effective treatment against a variety of cancers.  Unfortunately, several weeks after that court determination, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) closed all 17 Hoxsey clinics (treating over 12,000 cancer patients at the time) on the basis that they were using “unapproved medicines”.  The headquarters in Dallas, TX, then moved to Tijuana, Mexico, where they continue to operate as the BioMedical Center.  Even today, people still travel to Mexico to be treated by the Hoxsey Therapy!




The Hoxsey Therapy began in 1840, when John Hoxsey, Harry’s great-grandfather, noticed unusual behavior from one of his horses who had developed a cancerous sore on his foot.  Every morning this particular horse would separate himself from the pack and begin grazing in a patch of herbs that were not part of his daily diet over in a particular part of the farm.  John noted the variety of herbs the horse was eating and wrote them down.  When the large tumor finally dried-up and fell off of the horse’s leg, revealing new healthy flesh underneath, John began to experiment and treated other horses in the area with cancer.  He passed the “secret formula” on to his son, who in turn passed the Formula down to Harry’s father, John C. Hoxsey, who became a licensed Veterinarian, but eventually began to use the same herbs for people with cancer, and had great success!   On his death bed, John asked Harry to promise to keep the herbal medicine available, even if some people could not pay for it.  Harry kept his promise and by 1924 he had established the first clinic to treat humans.  Good news travels fast, and by 1962 there were 17 clinics across the U.S. treating 12,000 cancer patients!

As an herbal enthusiast, I was very pleased to find that Harry Hoxsey shared the different herbs that make up the Hoxsey Therapy’s basic oral medicine, as well as the yellow powder and red paste used to cure so many thousands of people of Cancer


The Oral medicine was a liquid with the following ingredients


Potassium Iodide




Red Clover


Burdock Root


Stillingia Root


Barberis Root


Poke Root




Pricly Ash Bark


Buckthorn Bark


Aromatic USP 14

So, if you have Cancer, I suggest you start eating ONLY raw organic fruits and vegetables immediately, and start taking the herbs that are in the Hoxsey Tonic: Red Clover(4oz.), Licorice Root(4oz.), Burdock Root(2oz), Stillingia Root(2oz), Barberris Root(2oz), Poke Root(2oz), Cascara Sagrada Root(1oz), Prickly Ash Bark(1oz), and Buckthorn Bark(4oz)  NOTE: These quantities are in the same ratios as indicated on the Hoxsey Tonic labels. The only difference is that they are powdered, instead of liquid.  I’m not that familiar with the liquid extracts of these various herbs,  which is probably used in the tonic, but I do know where to get them in powder form in 4 ounce minimum quantities, AND they are ORGANIC!

The Red Clover  is not a powder, so you may have to throw it in a blender to make it as close to a powder as possible.  When you have everything mixed together, take it like the Hoxsey Tonic: one teaspoon with meals and one teaspoon at bedtime.  If you do this while eating all raw organic fruits, vegetables and nuts, you’ll be surprised at what happens, and how you feel!  Also, remember to drink plenty of pure filtered water or Akaline water for continuous cleansing out of toxins.  Now, I didn’t do this 25 years ago, but I can’t help but think that a daily Coffee Enema would be very helpful with the healing process as well, in acknowledgement of the very successful Gerson Therapy!

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The Yellow Powder which is applied externally has the following ingredients:


Arsenic Sulphide


Yellow Precipitate








The Red Paste which is applied externally has the following ingredients:


Antimony Trisulphide


Zinc Chloride




Tri-Chloro-Acetic acid (liquid)


 What is interesting to me about the red paste is the ingredient Tri-Chloro-Acetic Acid which contains one more Chlorine molecule than the chemical, Di-Chloro-Acetic Acid (DCA), a chemical that people are trying to be all excited about because it kills cancer cells when taken internally by lab rats.  However, we must remember that it is a chemical drug, and therefore very toxic to the liver; so while it’s killing-off the cancer cells, it’s also compromising your liver’s health! See video about DCA by clicking the following link .  The Hoxsey Therapy in contrast, uses chemicals only for external treatment of tumors, and NOT internally, which obviously made a big difference in the results obtained!


Even back before 1920, John Hoxsey believed that once an area in the body develops a new abnormal environment (now to be known to be oxygen deficient) produced by the chemical imbalance within the body fluids, that the new cells of that area become mutations of the normal cells, in order to survive in it!  This was exactly what Dr. Royal Rife, was able to witness with his high-powered Universal Microscope: he could see the actual transformation of the normal cells into cancerous cells!  So, in reality, the oxygen deficiency changes the environment, such that the normal cells can’t live, so they CHANGE to anaerobic cancer cells, that don’t need oxygen to live and thrive. in the oxygen deficient environment!  In other words, the cells go into basic cellular survival mode by quickly adapting to the new environment, and multiplying as fast as possible to prevent extinction!  That understanding, just further confirms the awesome intellect of our Creator and the detailed precision used in designing our physical bodies!  Even after we “mess-up” our bodies, they’ve been designed and “programmed” for self-repair.  This also explains why Natural Cancer Cures almost always work better than cutting, burning, or poisoning…natural treatments bring the body back to the point where it can repair itself, while allopathic medicine rarely does, if at all, and in fact, traumatizes the body even more than the original disease!


In conclusion, the Hoxsey Therapy seems to be the oldest publicly-established Alternative Cancer Therapy, being discovered over 100 years ago by John Hoxsey, Harry Hoxsey’s GREAT- grandfather! The terrible legal battles, and incarcerations that Harry Hoxsey endured while fighting the AMA, are described in great detail in Harry’s book, and set the stage for a century of lies, trickery, criminal acts, and deceit of the American people in reference to the power of Alternative Medicine and Natural Cancer Cures.  IT WAS PROVEN IN COURT THAT THE HOXSEY THERAPY CURED A VARIETY OF CANCERS, but thanks to our wonderful Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the millions of DEAD CANCER patients over the last 100 years, who really could have used and benefited, never were permitted access to the one treatment that was proven in court to have the ability to save their lives!!!  So, why is it today that so many of Americans, and elected Congresspeople think that the FDA is REALLY there to “protect” us from harmful substances???  If that were the case, they would have never approved Aspartame, or Monosodium Glutamate for food processing, or allowed the poisonous chemotherapy drugs to be used on cancer patients today!!  


I think that anyone who has been diagnosed with Cancer needs to know the TRUTH about Cancer, and understand that they are being DUPED  by their “trusted” doctors, hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospices, cancer research centers, the American Cancer Society, Pharmaceutical companies, and even our own governmental institutions, namely, the FDA and the National Cancer Institute!   These various organizations and companies want WE THE PEOPLE to have Cancer and other chronic diseases until we die to insure their PAYCHECKS!  Too bad…so sad!… America has become a country controlled by egotistical, spiritually bankrupt, greedy men, who care nothing about trading unnecessary death, destruction and suffering of the American People for DOLLARS!  It’s time for WE THE PEOPLE need to STAND UP AND SAY “NO MORE!” to deadly lies from our government, Pharmaceuticals, and Doctors!  The Health Revolution has already started by Jim Humble, so come and join us, so that we can change this deadly health situation we’ve gotten ourselves into! 


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