Charlotte Gerson Speaks In Detail About The Gerson Therapy

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Many thanks to uwantsun for making these videos OF CHARLOTTE GERSON speaking for hours about the Gerson Therapy available! The Gerson Therapy is one of the most successful Cancer Therapies in the world, so if YOU have any form of cancer, I would suggest that you ACT LIKE A STUDENT, and TAKE NOTES on the WISDOM shared by Charlotte Gerson in this workshop about THE GERSON THERAPY!





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GMO Foods are NO JOKE!  It's not surprising that Americans are getting sicker and sicker every year..because we DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'RE EATING!!!  >:(   If you ever just wondered HOW SERIOUS eating GMO foods can be, look at this video: "Genetic Roulette".  LoOk at the film and make it VIRILE!  Americans need to KNOW THE TRUTH!!!



Knowing What Causes Cancer is Important to Your Health

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If you have not yet read the article or viewed the Video Tutorial on “What is Cancer?”,  please do so by clicking the respective links above, especially if you have been diagnosed with cancer by your doctor.  Knowing exactly what cancer is, and what causes cancer, will enable you to better pinpoint an alternative or natural cancer treatment that can easily turn into YOUR Cancer Cure, with a little determination and the proper preventative maintenance precautions and practices after receiving your treatment!


Knowing What Causes Cancer Gives You Confidence

to Find Your Cancer Cure!

When I discovered the lump in my Breast, over 25 years ago, the only thing that I knew at that time (based on my previous herbal research) was that the lump was a build-up of toxins in my breast, and they needed to be removed.  Knowing just that little bit of information, pointed me in the direction of “My Natural Breast Cancer Cure”, and I am thankful to this day that God blessed me with the intellect and courage to attack the problem head-on with research and the determination NOT to become another Cancer statistic!

Medical Doctors Use FEAR Tactics with Cancer Patients

Unfortunately, most doctors instill a great amount of FEAR into their cancer patients, making them feel that if they don’t have surgery, or start the Chemotherapy Treatments immediately, that they will lose valuable time from their precious lives.  In reality, the cancer patient will just be delaying a most debilitating physical experience, which most people would rather avoid, if at all possible.  Too many cancer patients don’t realize that they can escape the horrors of Surgery, Radiation, and Chemotherapy,  by “Just Saying “NO!”… , and doing a little research into Cancer Causes and the Cure of Cancer, and follow their God-given intuition on selecting a natural, non-invasive treatment that can be customized for their body, disposition and physical capability. 

Research Cancer Causes and Make Better Decisions

I applaud Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Freudenmann in producing the wonderful educational video, “Cancer is Curable NOW!”, where they traveled the world interviewing hundreds of Alternative and Natural Cancer Treatment practitioners, so that a cancer patient’s research could simply consist of the viewing of a 2-hour video in the comfort of their own home, and they would learn about 30 of the most successful and complete Alternative Cancer Treatments in the world, that are curing people RIGHT NOW!  And after viewing this wonderful video, all they would have to do is “PICK ONE”, and make a call to get all of their questions answered and start a healing process that is customized to their particular disease and body!

 Cancer Causing Stress Factors

I consider myself very fortunate for not stressing too much after my discovery of that lump in my breast.  I recently learned that stress, fear, anger and anxiety, totally shut-down your immune system, right down to the cellular level! When that happens, your body continually deteriorates (because the cells won’t receive any nutrients), until the stress is relieved!  If you know anything about Cancer, you know that you absolutely need your Immune System to cure the disease!!!  So your “state of mind”, attitude and disposition play a HUGE PART in Cancer Causes!

The Spiritual Component of Cancer Causes

I also learned just a few weeks ago during a series of educational lectures held at the Hollywood Shumei Center, that sick people may also be harboring some “Spiritual Clouds” which need to be cleansed from their spirit, before their cancer healing can take place! This was a VERY interesting discovery to me, since I had concluded in my last article that “Diseases are not Hereditary, They’re Dietary”.  To assist with this Spiritual Detox, the Members of the Center give Jyorei, which is a spiritual purification process using Divine Light.  It is a service that the Shumei Members offer FREELY to the public, because they believe that every time they change the Spiritual nature of one person, they change the world for the better!   So if you have been diagnosed with Cancer, please find a Shumei Center and receive Jyorei.  I’m pretty sure that you will be VERY glad that you did!  😀

Understanding the Simplicity of Curing Cancer Video Tutorial

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Understanding what causes cancer and what cures cancer is half the battle of removing this horrible disease from you life!  In this video we discuss some of the most direct ways to solve “Oxygen Deficiency” which is the ultimate cause of cancer.  I suggest that you take good notes so that you can immediately begin your healing!

Remember to read more information in the CATEGORY = CANCER DIET of on the right, to support and maximize your chosen therapy!


Enjoy getting well and staying well…naturally!

What is Cancer? Video Tutorial

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I hope that this video opens the eyes of people diagnosed with Cancer, and helps them to better understand their disease, so as to NOT get taken down the “CANCER GAME” Path of unnecessary suffering, death and destruction!


Get educated and enjoy your journey back to health…naturally!


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Many of you who have been reading my opinions about Natural Cancer Cures, know that I highly favor eating organic 100 percent raw fruits and vegetables whenever possible to get the appropriate enzymes, vitamins, nutrition and minerals for maintaining an internal alkaline environment for maximum health.  I acquired this opinion from viewing the Charlotte Gerson Video Series, and hearing Charlotte speak in detail about the main components of The Gerson Therapy, as well as hearing her patients’ testimonials, who have been cured of a variety of diseases with the Therapy 15 and 45 years ago with no return of the disease. 

Well, it seems that in 1971 the U.S. Government came to the same conclusion as Dr. Max Gerson did in 1928… that a person with ANY DISEASE could be CURED WITH GOOD ORGANIC FOOD!   I believe that my passionate research about Natural Cancer Cures has spiritually attracted my access to this very special report which was created by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1971, and paid for by WE THE PEOPLE to the tune of $35 Million Dollars!  Yet, our wonderful federal government (or at least the Pharmaceutical Industry’s “paid” U.S. Representatives and/or Senators) confiscated all copies of this study before WE THE PEOPLE had a chance to get any knowledge of it, and apparently, it somehow got buried in the isolated and dusty Reference-Only Stacks of libraries, only to accidentally surface five years later in 1976, when it was discovered in one of those libraries!  The information is self-explanatory, so I will just recreate it verbatim here, so that you, the American People can finally learn what our government has conclusively known for OVER+40 years!  The following is PAGE 1-11 of this very important REPORT…



By C. Edith Weir,
Assistant Director, Human Nutrition Research Division, Agricultural Research Service U.S. Department of Agriculture


Issued August 1971

By Science and education Staff

United States Department of Agriculture

Washington, D.C.


Better health, a longer active lifespan, and greater satisfaction from work, family and leisure time are among the benefits to be obtained from improved diets and nutrition.  Advances in nutrition knowledge and its application during recent decades have played a major role in reducing the number of infant and maternal deaths, deaths from infectious diseases, particularly among children, and in extending the productive lifespan and life expectancy.  Significant benefits are possible both from new knowledge of nutrient and food need and from more complete application of existing knowledge.  The nature and magnitude of these benefits is estimated in Table 1.  Potential benefits may accrue from alleviating nutrition-related health problems, from increased individual performance and satisfactions and increased efficiency in food services.  A vast reservoir of health and economical benefits can be made available by research yet to be done on human nutrition.


Major Health Problems are diet related.  Most all of the health problems underlying the leading causes of death in the United States (Fig. 1) could be modified by improvements in diet.  The relationship of diet to these health problems and others is discussed in greater detail later in this report.  Death rates for many of these conditions are higher in the U.S. than in other countries of comparable economic development.  Expenditures for health care in the U.S. are sky-rocketing, accounting for 67.2 billion dollars in 1970, or 7.0 percent of the entire U.S gross national product.


The real potential from improved diet is preventive.  Existing evidence is inadequate for estimating potential benefits from improved diets in terms of health.  Most nutritionists and clinicians feel that the real potential from improved diet is preventative in that it may defer or modify the development of a disease state so that a clinical condition does not develop.  The major research thrust, nationwide, has been on the role of diet in treating health problems after they have developed.  This approach has had limited success.  USDA research emphasis has been placed on food needs of normal, healthy persons and findings from this work have contributed much of the existing knowledge on their dietary requirements.


 Benefits would be shared by all.  Benefits from better nutrition, made possible by improved diets, would be available to the entire population.  Each age, sex, ethnic, economic, and geographic segment would be benefited.  The lower economic and non-white population groups would benefit most from effective application of current knowledge.  These savings are only a small part of what might be accomplished for the entire population from research yet to be done.  Some of the improvements can be expressed as dollar benefits to individuals or to the nation.  The social and personal benefits are harder to quantify and describe.  It is difficult to place a dollar figure on the avoidance of pain or the loss of a family member; satisfactions from healthy, emotionally adjusted families; career achievement; and the opportunity to enjoy leisure time.


Major health benefits are long range.  Predictions of the extent to which diet may be involved in the development of various health problems have been based on current knowledge of metabolic pathways of nutrients, but primarily of abnormal metabolic pathways developed by person in advanced stages of disease.  There is little understanding of when or why these metabolic changes take place.  The human body is a complex and very adaptive mechanism.  For most essential metabolic processes alternate pathways exist which can be utilized in response to physiological, diet, or other stress.  Frequently, a series of adjustments take place and the ultimate result does not become apparent for a long time, even years, when a metabolite such as cholesterol accumulates.  Early adjustment of diet could prevent the development of undesirable long-range effects.  Minor changes in diet and food habits instituted at an early age might well avoid the need for major changes, difficult to adopt later in life.


Regional differences in diet related problems.  The existence of regional differences in the incidence of health problems has been generally recognized and a wide variation in death rates still exists among geographic areas. These differences in death rate may reflect the cumulative effect of chronic low intake levels of some nutrients throughout the lifespan and by successive generation.  A number of examples of regional health problems attributable to differences in the nutrient content of food or to dietary pattern could be given.  Perhaps the best know is ”the goiter belt” where soils and plants were low in iodine and the high incidence and death rate of goiter was reduced when the diet was supplements with iodine.  Another situation existed in some of the southern states where pellagra was a scourge a few decades ago.  Corn was the major food protein source for low income families in these areas.  The resulting niacin deficiency raised the incidence of pellagra to epidemic proportions.


Migration from the high death rate areas almost always results in a reduction in the death rate, although the improvement never approaches the level achieved by those who were born and continued to live in the low rate areas.  Similarly, persons who move from low rate areas into higher rate areas lose part of the advantage.  If the death rate for one of the high death rate areas, Wiles Barre, Pennsylvania were applied to the entire U.S. population, 140,489 more persons under 65 would have died per year during the period 1959-61.  If the death rate for one of the lower rater ears, Nebraska, had prevailed, there would have been 131,634 fewer deaths.  The highest death rate areas generally correspond to those where agriculturists have recognized the soil as being depleted for several years.  This suggests a possible relationship between submarginal diets and health of succeeding generations.

Need you READ MORE?????!!!! …

Our Government spent $35 million of the American People’s Money in 1971 to determine that DIET HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH HEALTH…and then, DIDN’T TELL US!!!!!

You Don’t believe that there is

a great FOOD Conspiracy going on?????…

Maybe the following movie, entitled “The Future of Food” will be more convincing!



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As Featured On EzineArticles

After addressing the “Simplicity of Curing Cancer” in my last article, I was reminded that cancer is NOT the PROBLEM… it is just one of the many SYMPTOMS of the REAL cause of practically every disease – oxygen deficiency!  How simple a problem is that to solve????   Well, if you just figure out the best and most cost efficient way for your body to get enough oxygen, then ALL of your health issues could vanish in a very short time… right down to migraine headaches!  It can be just that easy!  What’s nice about increasing your body’s oxygen content, is that it’s easy to find a method that can fit your personal preferences and/or budget!

 Also, in that same article, I outlined some direct methods for putting more oxygen in your body externally, and briefly described Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Ozone Therapy.  Of course, if you are claustrophobic, sitting or lying in any type of chamber may not be for you, however, I also listed “The One Minute Cure” using 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, and MMS which uses chlorine dioxide, both of which are internal ways to increase oxygen in your body cells without immersing yourself in a chamber! (Both of these internal cures are discussed in more detail on this website).

Depending on how long your body tissues have been deprived of oxygen, and the extent of the deprivation, Your cancer cure could take anywhere from 4 days to 12 months.  Of course, during Your selected treatment, you can speed-up your recovery by using the supporting “Good Health Components”, i.e. “quality water, (raw) organic alkaline foods, sunshine, exercise and rest”.

 So, now that we know this important and most valuable information about oxygen, it should simplify your search for the “elusive” cure to cancer!   I know that this information will assist me in selecting the most effective natural cancer cures to research and share on our website.  From this point forward, I will focus on treatments and therapies that increase the flow of oxygen to the body’s cellular tissue, and foods and herbs that rid the body of the toxins that accumulate during oxygen deficiency.  Anything else is just addressing the symptoms and NOT the cause of the disease itself.

 The only question remaining to be answered now is…

”Are YOU ready to be cured

and live a Disease-Free Life?”

 If your answer to this question is ‘YES”, and I can’t imagine anyone with a serious disease, not being ready, (except in the case of people who have egoistic “pain-bodies” that actually enjoy the attention of being sick, helpless, and a “victim” of some mysterious “unknown” force), then you have some work to do, starting RIGHT  NOW!

(1)   DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Research and select the best method for you to use for increasing the oxygen content in your body on a continuous basis.  By continuous, I mean that even after you are cured of your disease (whatever it is), that you still practice the recommended “maintenance level” of treatment without any, or very few, interruptions.  This is necessary to help you maintain a disease-free status.

(2)   Find the best doctor, or practitioner in you area to administer the desired oxygen or ozone therapy; OR find the best source from which to purchase the desired products, MMS, or 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I suggest simply doing a “Google Search” for each product and comparing the results.

 REMEMBER…Getting WELL and Staying WELL is YOUR Responsibility…

Don’t Drop The Ball!!!

 Now, I must let you know that even though I have not been diagnosed with ANY disease, I will be doing my personal research to solve my own oxygen deficiency, and I will be sharing my findings and experiences along the way, so stay tuned…

Understanding the Simplicity of Curing Cancer

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As Featured On EzineArticles

The more I research and study the many natural cures for cancer to feed this website, the more I realize how overwhelming and confusing the vast amount of information must be to someone who has been diagnosed with cancer by their doctor, and is looking for alternative treatments besides drugs, radiation, or surgery.  I hope that this article sheds some light on that particular dilemma for those truly seeking to discover what causes CANCER, and how to achieve wellness, and speed the way to a natural disease-free lifestyle.

During my life I have discovered that there are several key components that must exist to achieve and maintain optimum health:

1)      Oxygen

2)      Quality Water

3)      Organic Alkaline Foods

4)      Sunshine

5)      Exercise

6)      Rest

“So, why do people get Cancer?”…

Oxygen is by far the most important because it literally sustains life. Oxygen cleans and detoxifies the blood and cellular tissues by burning-off cellular waste, and has the ability to independently kill all invading microorganisms within your body.  Without enough oxygen, our bodily tissues accumulate toxins from metabolic waste, as well as waste from viruses, bacteria, yeast, and parasites that may be present.

Cancer develops from an extended long-standing

 lack of oxygen

to various tissues throughout our bodies!

Eventually, the body attempts to wall off and isolate the toxins to keep them from spreading to other parts of the body.  To accomplish this, the body forms a tumor as a kind of “trash bag”.  As a result, the oxygen-starved cells, around and inside the tumor, start to reproduce themselves rapidly and excessively, before they die from “suffocation”.

So, if I were sick with cancer (or any disease), and REALLY wanted to get well, oxygen therapies would be of highest priority to investigate and research for my cure!  Next, I’d research “Alkaline water” and “Organic Alkaline Foods”.  Everything after #3 on the list supports a solid “Big Three” Health Maintenance Program that you establish for your body.

Today, We Can’t Get Enough Oxygen …

In ancient times the oxygen content of air was about 38%, and the carbon dioxide content was about 1%.  Unfortunately, now the oxygen content of air is about 20% and the carbon dioxide content level is as high as 20%.   This is a direct result of cutting down forests, depletion of the minerals in the soil, and pollution.   These combined factors; decrease of oxygen content, and increase of carbon dioxide, pollutants and toxins in the air we breathe, make it impossible for our lungs to intake as much oxygen as our bodies need for optimum health.  Furthermore, carbon monoxide gas from the burning of fossil fuels, saturate our red blood cells, so they cannot carry oxygen, even if enough were available!   So, in reality, we are ALL oxygen deficient, no matter where we live, and need to look beyond breathing air for getting pure oxygen into our bodies on a regular basis.

Getting More Oxygen…

 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

There are several ways to increase the quantity of oxygen in our bodies, and it can be done either externally, or internally.  One method to acquire additional oxygen is by using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).  In this Therapy, you sit or lie inside a Hyperbaric chamber and are exposed to pressurized 100% pure oxygen, which allows for greater absorption of oxygen by all body cells.  This additional oxygen attacks the pathogens of any diseases that are present in the body at that time.

The same effect can also be obtained with the mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHOBT). This therapy uses only pressurized filtered ambient air, and the chambers can be inflatable and portable.  These chambers operate at lower pressures than the hard shell chambers, and do not utilize 100% liquid oxygen, so they are much safer to use.  I had my first experience with the mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy not too long ago on a visit to Las Vegas!  You can read all about it by clicking here!

Ozone Therapy

Ozone is the gas that protects us from the sun’s damaging rays, but becomes toxic when inhaled. During the day, when there is maximum solar activity, ozone is created at a greater rate than during the night when the ozone layer disappears for a few hours.  Ozone is continuously being produced in the upper atmosphere as long as sunlight is present, and since ozone is heavier than air, it falls towards the earth. As it falls, it combines with pollutants and cleans the air.  When ozone contacts water vapor during falling, it forms hydrogen peroxide, an important component of rain water which causes plants to grow very healthy.

The ozone molecule contains three oxygen atoms instead of two, like oxygen, and because of this, is a very unstable gas, and quickly turns back to oxygen at every opportunity. Ozone is the most powerful and rapid acting oxidizer known to man, and will oxidize all bacteria, mold and yeast spores, organic material and viruses.   Even the FDA and EPA certify that ozone destroys 99.9992 percent of all pathogenic germs, AND oxides 99.9992 percent of all pollutants at the same time!  So, if I wanted to get well from ANY DISEASE IN A HURRY…I would most definitely consider Ozone Therapy!  I would just do a search for “Ozone Therapy Doctors”, and instantly have access to a multitude of doctors who administer this powerful therapeutic technique!  DO YOUR HOMEWORK to find the best Ozone Therapy practitioner you can find in your state!  Getting well and staying well is YOUR job!…Don’t drop the BALL!

Internal Oxygenation to Kill Pathogens

You can also achieve additional oxygen in your body by many internal means; infusion of liquid oxygen into the body, the use of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), which becomes water by releasing an additional oxygen molecule directly into your bloodstream to oxidize any existing bacteria, virus, or pathogen of diseases (The One Minute Cure); the use of Jim Humble’s MMS, which uses the electron deficiency and attraction of the chlorine dioxide molecule to literally “tear apart” any pathogens inside your body, so that they can pass safely out of your body through the elimination organs.

There are other ingenious ways to administer oxygen internally, but my main objective today is to empower you with some simplified knowledge about what causes cancer, its most direct cure, and point you in the right direction, so that you can learn the right steps to take for curing your cancer!

 Now that you know the very basics about what causes cancer, and how to effectively cure it… DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND RESEARCH to select the method you will use to efficiently increase the amount of oxygen that gets to your body’s cells on a regular basis!  The Internet makes it amazingly easy to find ANY information you want, so there’s NO EXCUSE for being continuously sick with ANY disease… even cancer, after reading this article!!!

 During your selected Oxygen Therapy Adventure, you can support your healing with: (1) large quantities of quality water (preferably alkaline and at least half your body weight in ounces each day), and (2) as many Raw Organic Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables (preferably alkaline, like lemons and water melon) that you can handle, for as long as you can handle it (preferably 30-days, or until you reach YOUR desired CURE)!

You have now been officially empowered to…