Charlotte Gerson Speaks In Detail About The Gerson Therapy

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Many thanks to uwantsun for making these videos OF CHARLOTTE GERSON speaking for hours about the Gerson Therapy available! The Gerson Therapy is one of the most successful Cancer Therapies in the world, so if YOU have any form of cancer, I would suggest that you ACT LIKE A STUDENT, and TAKE NOTES on the WISDOM shared by Charlotte Gerson in this workshop about THE GERSON THERAPY!





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GMO Foods are NO JOKE!  It's not surprising that Americans are getting sicker and sicker every year..because we DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'RE EATING!!!  >:(   If you ever just wondered HOW SERIOUS eating GMO foods can be, look at this video: "Genetic Roulette".  LoOk at the film and make it VIRILE!  Americans need to KNOW THE TRUTH!!!



This Miracle Plant Dissolves Cancer Tumors!

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from the Underground Health Reporter

The more I seek out Natural Cancer Cures, the more I am amazed how God has COMPLETELY equipped Mother Earth with EVERYTHING we need to be healthy and happy!  Get Well and Stay Well!  It’s all up to YOU!    😀

Did You Know…

that whole leaf aloe arborescens (not to be confused with aloe vera) has been shown to shrink cancerous tumors—and has clinical proof of efficacy in treating AIDS?

Aloe arborescens is like the often-overlooked sibling to the more popular aloe vera, a medicinal plant widely used to treat skin ailments such as sunburns, cuts, scrapes and rashes.  Deserving of much more acclaim, Aloe arborescens contains none of the usual underdog characteristics, as it is proven to be a more effective anti-cancer agent and immune booster than aloe vera.  Studies conducted by the Palatinin Salzano Institute in Italy indicate that aloe arborescens is 200% more abundant in curative nutrients and 75% richer in anti-cancer compounds than aloe vera is.

The Health-giving Ingredients of the Aloe Plant

Aloe plants are among the world’s most biologically active plants, meaning they feed our cells with living nutrients.  Cut an aloe leaf open and you will see a thick gel-like substance that is made up of 99% water and only 1% aloe juice.  Within that 1% aloe juice, however, are over 200 active plant compounds, such as phytonutrients, enzymes, proteins, oils, polysaccharides and monosaccharides, as well as 12 essential vitamins, 20 key minerals and 18 vital amino acids.

The antioxidant and restorative effects of aloe administer many benefits, such as inhibiting the growth of tumor cells, detoxifying and oxygenating your blood, and much more!

Aloe as an Anti-Cancer Agent

Physicians and clinics around the world have implemented aloe arborescens as a cancer cure for many years now.  After witnessing dozens of patients diagnosed with untreatable cancer enter remission after drinking a potent tonic of aloe arborescens, the Brazilian priest, Father Romano Zago, spent 20 years researching the science behind the herb. Collecting more than 40 corroborative stories, Zago reported his findings in the popular book, Cancer be Cured!

One story tells how a man suffering from prostate cancer was brought back from the brink of death by drinking this aloe concentrate.  He was released from the hospital, his massive tumor virtually disappeared, and he lived a long life well into his 80s.

Alternative health expert, Dr. Julian Whitaker, recounts a similar story, explaining how a 10-year-old boy with a rare brain tumor enjoyed a cancer-free life full of normal activities after drinking 8 ounces of whole leaf aloe vera concentrate every day for 3 months.

The medical community has categorized aloe arborescens as a Stage IV supplemental treatment, proven to enhance the efficacy of chemo agents cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan, Neosar) and 5-fluorouracil (5-FU).  A 2009 study consisting of 240 patients revealed that chemotherapy patients who ingested an extract of aloe arborescens daily showed significantly greater improvement than patients who underwent chemotherapy alone.  Researchers concluded that aloe arborescens complements the effects of chemotherapy by slowing down tumor growth and increasing survival time.

Acemannan, a sugar compound present in aloe, both boosts cell communication and stimulates the immune system.  It stimulates nitric oxide, the immune system’s weapon against cancer.  Aloe arborescens also contains glycoproteins that have been shown to suppress the growth of fibrosarcoma tumors (tumors originating in the tissues of bones or muscles) in mice.

The immune stimulating properties of aloe also render the herb a wonderful therapy for AIDS sufferers.  One study found that nearly all of the AIDS patients who were administered aloe therapy experienced improved conditions due to a dramatic increase in their white T-cell count.

Want Your Daily Dose of Aloe?

Store bought aloe is typically not nutrient-dense, as the majority has been processed, heated and diluted.  Beware: a label of 100% aloe juice may be false, as the government issues no legal ramifications against such a claim.

If you want to benefit specifically from aloe arborescens, it is worthwhile to grow your own.


     Father Zago’s original recipe consists of …

  • 3-4 large aloe arborescens leaves
  • 1.1 lbs. of pure honey—avoid honey labeled synthetic or refined.  (The honey is the carrier for the aloe.)
  • 2-3 Tablespoons of grappa, whisky, cognac (pure alcohol, wine, beer and liqueurs cannot be used).  (This ingredient is considered a distillate responsible for accelerating the cleansing process and dissolving ingredients in the aloe that our bodies are unable to fully absorb.)

If using as a cancer or AIDS cure, take 2 tablespoonfuls 3 times a day for 10 days, discontinue use for 10 days, and then resume for another 10 days.  Follow this program until all signs of cancer are gone.

If using as a preventative measure, take 2 tablespoonfuls 3 times a day for 10 days once per year.

Store in a dark jar in your refrigerator and enjoy!

The Power of Organic Coffee Enemas

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I see there is some misunderstandings about Coffee Enemas, and I hope that this video clarifies some important points about Organic Coffee Enemas, which are used extensively by the Gerson Institute to Cure Cancer.

Are You Taking Good Care of Your Liver?…

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The First Cancer Cell May Be Forming


  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you have back pain?
  • Do you often feel tired and weak?
  • Do you sometimes have abdominal pain?
  • Do you sometimes feel nauseous?
  • Does your skin appear to be yellowish in color?


If you answered “yes” to two or more of these questions, then you may have a fatty liver problem and your liver may look like this!



The Ezra Protocol is the only system in existence

that is officially proven to reverse fatty liver!


Cancer is Curable NOW! – A 110 minute Documentary VERIFYING Natural Cancer Cures!

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I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that over 30 prominent Natural Cancer Specialists “STOOD-UP” and made a full-length documentary telling people the TRUTH about the power of Natural Cancer Cures!Be sure to support these bold efforts to STOP unnecessary DEATHS from Cancer!  I told them back in March that their price was too high, and they needed to lower it! Well, they FINALLY listened to my plea, and now you can get the DVD for only $27.00 by clicking on the link below!

CANCER is curable NOW



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 CANCER is curable NOW


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Back in November, after I learned about The Coffee Enema from viewing the Charlotte Gerson videos, and shared it on both of the Your Natural Cancer Cures websites  , I resigned myself to taking one Coffee Enema per month for my regular maintenance. And shortly after discovering that I wasn’t going to find Organic Coffee for much less than $11.00, and I finally broke-down and purchased some from the Whole Foods Market to begin my “Coffee Enema Experience”.

Even though I erred in the division of the 3-1/2 cups of the coffee due to being somewhat “rusty” with the physical dynamics of the process (I can’t remember the last time I had an enema), I was able to retain the first part of the coffee preparation (which was only about 3/4 cup) for the suggested 15 minutes, but with the second part (approximately 3 cups), I was not able to retain the coffee for more than 5 minutes before I had to evacuate!  Nevertheless, the experience resulted in two very copious evacuations, the second one taking much longer to complete than the first, and resulting in a very nice “clean” internal feeling.  Later, I was so “energized” that I stayed all night writing new articles for the websites!  I guess the caffeine effect is still a factor, no matter how you introduce it to your body! 🙂 

Last month, I had my second experience, this time, able to follow Jaison Greene’s directions to the letter (see above link), and again, two copious evacuations, but I was at least able to retain each of the two parts of the coffee for 15 minutes!  Needless to say, I was quite pleased with myself, and the “squeaky clean” internal feeling was once again really wonderful!  Again I stayed up all night writing articles…

Tonight I had my third experience with “The Coffee Enema” .  And while I was easily able to retain both parts of the coffee for 12 and 15 minutes respectively, I was a little surprised with the volume of evacuation as compared with the first and second experiences.  The part one evacuation was much like a normal movement in volume, while the second part was almost non-existent, being more coffee than anything else!  Also, the evacuation took much longer to totally finalize, causing me to revisit the bathroom a few times over the next hour to completely evacuate! 

The more I thought about this unusual occurrence,

the more it made sense…

For the past three months, I’ve made a conscious decision to become stricter with my diet, buying and eating increasingly more organic raw fruits and vegetables everyday. During the last few weeks, I’ve settled into a nice pattern of having my usual quart of warm filtered water with the juice of two fresh organic lemons; followed by Breakfast consisting of either a smoothie, made with an organic banana, blueberries, organic soy milk, organic 100% fruit juice, and an organic raw egg, or a fresh organic fruit bowl consisting of a cut up apple, orange, grapes, pear, or kiwi, with a few raw almonds mixed in. For lunch/dinner, I’ll have a big organic vegetable salad of romaine lettuce, baby spinach, carrots, cucumber, tomato, parsley, and green onions, along with raisins, and sometimes imitation bacon bits on top.  My dressing will be olive oil with apple cider and/or rice wine vinegar, or sometimes just a Fresh and Easy preservative-free Italian Dressing.   I must confess that over the last three months, I have eaten about six pieces of baked chicken thighs 🙁 (thanks to my wonderful son-in-law), and a few servings of various seafood (all “faces smaller than that of a lobster” ) :-).   However, I don’t beat myself up over it, I just accept that I’m a “struggling” vegetarian on a mission to get as close as I can to my ultimate goal…a daily 80% organic raw food diet!

Over the years I have noticed that when I eat a primarily vegetarian diet, it’s very agreeable to my body, and I have 3-4 eliminations each day, and they are nice and soft, usually in one banana-shaped piece!  However, when I eat foods on a regular basis that are harder to digest, like chicken or turkey, I may only have 1-2 eliminations a day, and it’s like hard little rocks that are sometimes difficult to expel.  So, during the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that I’ve been having as many as 4-6 eliminations each day, and not only are they soft banana-sized pieces from the large intestine, but they are also soft smaller pieces, which, I can tell by their diameter, are from the small intestines as well!  So, the more organic raw foods I eat, the easier it is for my body to, not only eliminate the waste products from my large intestines (after the nutrients are absorbed), but to eliminate much MORE of the waste products from my body, all the way from my small intestines as well!   Now, this is a first for me, without the assistance of an herbal laxative, like cascara sagrada!

So, back to analyzing the Coffee Enema experience…

My conclusion is that there was only a small amount of evacuation after tonight’s Coffee  Enema because my large and small intestines were pretty much already cleaned-out from the regular daily eliminations naturally stimulated by the increasingly organic raw food diet, that I have consciously undertaken and followed to the best of my ability!   Now, isn’t that just REALLY WONDERFUL!!??????  😀


OMG!  It’s almost 5 a.m. …

THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH – A Wonderful Historical Testament to The Gerson Therapy and Natural Cures!

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During my research about Natural Cancer Cures, I’ve heard a lot about the Documentary “THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH”, and I just knew that someday I had to see it, but never did I expect to find the entire video on You Tube!  Here it is in small video bites for easy viewing and mental digestion! Enjoy the information and please understand that you are never to old or young  to do research and learn the TRUTH about the importance of Organic Fruits and Vegetables for the maintenance of our good health!

Please join our Forum at  where we will be discussing different ways to ENSURE that we continue to have Natural Organic Fruits and Vegetables around the WORLD!

By viewing this video, it is YOUR DUTY to share the information and join with others to STOP THE UNNECESSARY KILLING of WE THE PEOPLE!

Is Your Cancer Treatment REALLY A CURE?

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I am thrilled that this website and our “Sister Site” are gaining recognition and accolades for being a very useful and informative resource for its readers! My research on this topic has discovered that there are many natural cancer cure and alternative cancer treatment claims being made about different substances, including drugs, herbs, supplements, and/or treatments, and various therapies, actually “curing” cancer, when in reality, they are ONLY treating one or more of the many SYMPTOMS of cancer, much like what the Medical Industry is well-noted for doing.

I hope that the explanation I present in this article will enable people to clearly and quickly identify any substances and/or treatments that actually cure cancer, versus those that only treat one or more symptoms of cancer, and need additional help to become part of a real cure. I believe that this distinction will prove to be invaluable for my readers in considering and evaluating ANY treatment, therapy or individual substance represented as being a “cancer cure”.  If they don’t address the primary cause of cancer, i.e. oxygen deficiency, then all of these substances and therapies are in fact, just treatments of cancer symptoms.

As I have already discussed in an earlier article: the primary cause of cancer is a deficiency of oxygen. In fact, it has been discovered that when a healthy cell is deprived of 60% or more of its necessary oxygen, it will become cancerous!  Also, as previously mentioned, we have polluted our world so much, such that the air we breathe is only about 20% oxygen, and it is physically impossible for us to get enough oxygen in our body cells by just normal breathing!  So, I think that it is safe to say, that if we manage to create a highly oxygenated environment for our cells (in addition to breathing), that we will actually prevent our healthy cells from becoming cancerous, and at the same time destroy the cancerous cells that already exist!  Whatever can accomplish this ONE task: increasing oxygen to our cells, can officially be called a cure for cancer.  I listed some of the cures that I discovered in my research, like Oxygen Therapy, Ozone Therapy, and 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.  All of these treatments can officially be called cures for cancer because they directly address the fundamental and primary cause of cancer – oxygen deficiency.

But you may ask, “What about all these other “natural cancer cures” we see populating the Internet and that seem to work?”

Well, if the body is oxygen-deficient for extremely long periods of time, then the cancer cells continue to grow and multiply, rather than being destroyed and eliminated by the immune system. This creates secondary and tertiary symptoms in the form of abundant duplication of cancerous cells, increased toxins, tumor formation, and the attraction of various germs, bacteria, pathogens, and many other anaerobic micro-organisms, just to name a few.  From my research I’ve discovered that most of the so-called natural cancer cures really address the secondary or tertiary symptoms of cancer, rather than the primary cause, which is oxygen deficiency, and until the primary cause of cancer is addressed, there will always be the chance that when using these various “symptomatic cures”, that the cancer will return again, unless specific steps are taken to address the primary cause –oxygen deficiency!

There are many substances like drugs, herbs, chemicals, treatments, etc. that actually kill cancer cells, but that action alone does not make ANY of them a Cancer “Cure”, for the simple reason that they do not address the primary cause of cancer – oxygen deficiency!  What this means is that even if you kill all the cancerous cells in your body, when you allow yourself to remain oxygen-deficient, then there’s a good chance that more cells will eventually become cancerous in the future, and you’re back where you started!  By the same logic, if you remove all the toxins from the body by using a great body-cleansing product, or herb, and not address the primary cause, then even more toxins will be created by the massive number of cells still becoming cancerous, as well as the attracted number of anaerobic micro-organisms that will take up residency in the oxygen-deficient body organs and tissues.  If you electrically “zap” all of the anaerobic micro-organisms in the blood stream, as suggested by Dr. Robert Beck (see article and video “Blood Electrification For Alternative Cancer Treatment”), new ones will eventually appear again (and Dr. Beck actually discovered this exact result with AIDS patients!) because of the continued oxygen-deficient environment still present in the body.  In other words, all of the “symptomatic cures” that address the secondary and tertiary causes of cancer do not address the primary cause of Cancer and therefore should NOT be classified as Cancer Cures!

When I discovered the videos with Charlotte Gerson speaking in depth about The Gerson Therapy, I immediately classified the Therapy as a cancer cure, even though I could not see how the Therapy solved the problem of oxygen deficiency!  But after thinking considerably about this necessary distinction I had made between things that cure cancer and things that only cure cancer symptoms, I had to ask myself this burning question…

“How is it possible that a 100% Raw Organic Fruit and Vegetable Diet

could be classified as a Natural Cancer Cure?”

Yes, I understood that the Gerson Therapy solved two major problems, the nutritional deficiency and toxic build-up, but I didn’t exactly see the relationship between the Therapy and oxygen-deficiency, which I had already determined previously, was an absolute MUST for any Cancer cure to be effective over time!

So, for the past few weeks, (though I haven’t expressed it until now), I’ve been in this seemingly conundrum.  I thought that I might find the answer in Dr. Baroody’s book, ALKALIZE OR DIE, but surprisingly, I didn’t find the answer there.  However, by divine guidance, I was directed to “Ask Jeeves” and typed in “What is A Cure?”  And somehow, I miraculously ended up at a website entitled “Understanding Cancer and Cancer Cells”, and I began to read and discovered the EXACT ANSWER to my dilemma!! (Boy, I really LOVE the Internet!!)

For the answer to that question that has tormented me for weeks, we have to understand a little bit of chemistry.  It is a chemical fact that alkaline solutions with a pH over 7.0 tend to absorb oxygen, while acidic solutions (pH below 7.0) tend to expel oxygen.  When the body becomes acidic, even mildly, oxygen is driven out of the body.  While the only acidic fluids in our bodies are stomach fluids (HCL) and urine, all other body fluids, especially blood, are supposed to be mildly alkaline at pH 7.4, so that they are able to absorb oxygen on a continuous basisBlood MUST stay alkaline at pH 7.4, so that it can absorb oxygen from the lungs and retain its oxygen until it passes the oxygen on to all the cellular tissues, by traveling through the arteries and tiny capillaries throughout our bodies.  When the proper mineral consumption is in the diet, the blood is supplied with the crucial minerals required to maintain an alkaline pH of 7.4.  However, when there is a deficiency of minerals in the diet, your body is forced to remove those crucial minerals, such as calcium, from the saliva, spinal fluids, kidneys, liver, etc., in order to maintain the blood pH at 7.4.  This, in turn, causes the mineral deficient fluids and organs to become acidic, and therefore, also oxygen deficient, which we already know causes cancer, as well as just about every other disease!

Consequently, I am satisfied, and can NOW understand the upmost importance of maintaining, not only a diet rich in Alkaline Foods, but to make sure as much as possible, that these foods are Organic, in order to maximize the variety and relative abundance of enzymes, vitamins, and especially minerals, that are absolutely essential to cure our body of oxygen deficiency!  So, if you think that all of the Oxygen Therapy methods discussed are too uncomfortable, too expensive, or too nauseating, then the next best real cure for cancer is 100% Raw Alkaline Organic Fruits and vegetables!

Now, after discovering this new information about how alkalinity benefits the body in relationship to Oxygen, I feel confident and ready to research the true benefits of Alkaline Water: Is it a real Cure, or just another “Symptomatic Cure”?  From a casual glance, it seems that it should be a genuine Natural Cancer Cure, but that remains to be seen… so stay tuned!


One, Two, Three…Be Cancer-Free with Coffee!

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Charlotte Gerson taught us that there are exactly TWO causes of ANY chronic or pathogenic disease… DEFICIENCY and TOXICITY!  As I mentioned in my last article discussing the Charlotte Gerson videos on , I initially thought that the ONLY deficiency of importance for everybody was oxygen, but Charlotte pointed out in the workshop videos that when you become ill, your immune system is extremely weak and has allowed your body to be over-taken by toxins from parasites, bacteria, viruses and pathogens which have started living and multiplying in your oxygen-deficient cellular tissues.  Once your body starts producing tumors (toxin trash bags), then your deficiency level has surpassed the point of needing ONLY oxygen, and has elevated to a crucial level of deficiency, namely a deficiency of NUTRIENTS and ENZYMES, which your cells need to be replenished immediately in order to get your immune system back to work!  The longer it takes for our cells to get the nutrition they need to function properly, the progressively sicker and more diseased our bodies become!

So, if you are ill with any disease, you would want to answer three very important questions: 1) How will you replenish your body’s oxygen and nutritional deficiencies? , 2) How will you quickly and efficiently remove the toxins from the tumors located in your body’s cellular tissues?, and 3) How will you quickly and efficiently remove the toxins from your elimination organs, once they receive the abundant toxins from the cellular tissues?  In my opinion, answering these three vital questions puts any sick person on the road to recovery from any disease!

Consequently, all of my research and personal experience, up to this point, draws me to the conclusion that the very best way to fight ANY disease or bodily discomfort is to do the following:

1. Immediately go on a 100% RAW Organic Fruit and Vegetable Diet, which starts immediately mending your cells and empowering them to rid your cellular tissues of accumulated toxins. (Do this diet for at least two weeks like I instinctively did 20 years ago in the article “My Cancer Cure”).  If you have cancer, you may need to view Charlotte concerning the detailed fruits and vegetables that she uses at the Gerson Institute, but you especially need to know the fruits and vegetables that she avoids completely, because they actually feed the tumors.
2. Determine the most efficient way to quickly flush those abundantly released toxins from your vital and elimination organs; (Please Note: There are two levels of toxin removal which must be addressed: cellular and organs.
3. Determine the best way to keep increasing your body’s oxygen and nutrient level on a daily basis for maintaining optimum health and becoming disease-free for life!

We have already discussed #3 in previous articles with very effective ways to attack the oxygen deficiency (i.e. Hyperbaric oxygen/ozone therapy, food grade hydrogen peroxide, and MMS), and the importance of a highly alkaline raw organic fruits and vegetable diet for providing the necessary enzymes and nutrients our cells need to be healthy.  If there is any question about this, please select the Category “Cancer Diet”, over on the right side of the page.

However, as many of you have already discovered (as I have), there is a never-ending list of methods available for the removal of toxins from your body, but I like to make things simple, for myself, and hopefully, for others as well.  For occasional constipation, I use a powerful herbal laxative, Cascara Sagrada, which has worked very well for me over the years.  However, for a systematic Health Maintenance Cleansing of toxins from your vital organs, the cleansing of the colon is essential.

Charlotte almost exclusively uses the Organic Coffee Enema for her patients, and because of the vast amount of toxins being released from tumors and cellular tissue each day by her patients, they receive five (5) coffee enemas every day, which MUST be effective to handle the massive amount of toxins released during the Therapy!  Now, that is the recommended schedule of someone who is “critically ill”, but how about someone like me, who is not sick?  I am still consciously aware that I am oxygen deficient (by default), and therefore have some level of toxins lurking inside my body at any given point in time.  Well, I have heard that 2-3 colonics a year are quite effective for maintaining good health, and several years ago, I actually went through the colonic process, however, the cost of colonics can be prohibitive for many people, and it is a procedure that takes a series of treatments over days or weeks to be completely effective.  I personally would like to be able to economically handle my colon cleansing in the comfort of my own home, and I learned from Charlotte Gerson, that the Organic Coffee Enema is quite effective, so I looked for a video to describe the process, and I found the very pleasant video below by Jaison Greene, which shows you exactly how to prepare and self-administer the Organic Coffee Enema in the comfort of your home!  Enjoy, and remember the goal… Get Well and Stay Well!