Cancer is a FUNGUS! …so get out your Baking Soda! :-D

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I’ve heard this statement years ago when I was deep into Natural Cancer Cures research, but I didn’t BELIEVE it at that time, probably because it was so simple! So I neglected to give it the attention that it truly deserved. Now, for some reason, Divine Spirit has led me back to the concept of Cancer being a Fungus, and after listening to Paul Kaufmann interviewing Dr. Simoncini, and learning that he actually PRAYED TO GOD to find a cancer cure, I now understand without ANY doubts that ALL CANCER is a FUNGUS! 😀


If you or someone you love has Cancer, you owe it to yourself and to your loved-one to view this comprehensive video! And if you want to see the DO-IT-YOURSELF VERSION, just skip down to the last video with Vernon Johnsons who cured himself of prostrate and bone cancer by simply drinking a solution of Baking Soda and Molasses! ENJOY!, and BE WELL! 😀


Here is a video from 2008 with Dr. Simoncini speaking about his discovery! GOD gave this man the ANSWER to CANCER because HE ASKED FOR IT! 😀 It would be good for ALL of us to LISTEN!

Since discovering the videos above talking about how Dr. Simoncini uses Baking Soda INJECTIONS to cure cancer, I’ve often wondered if someone could get the same effect of killing cancer cells by just DRINKING A SOLUTION of Baking Soda, and TODAY 3/23/2015, God answered my question with this video by Vernon Johnson! 😀 As you can tell, this is very affordable AND obviously VERY EFFECTIVE! GET BUSY…GET WELL! 😀


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This film is one of the most detailed explanations about the history of “The Cancer Game” that I have ever seen!  Lots of good information that we ALL should know!  I hope you enjoy it and find YOUR Alternative or Natural Cancer Cure!

Knowing What Causes Cancer is Important to Your Health

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If you have not yet read the article or viewed the Video Tutorial on “What is Cancer?”,  please do so by clicking the respective links above, especially if you have been diagnosed with cancer by your doctor.  Knowing exactly what cancer is, and what causes cancer, will enable you to better pinpoint an alternative or natural cancer treatment that can easily turn into YOUR Cancer Cure, with a little determination and the proper preventative maintenance precautions and practices after receiving your treatment!


Knowing What Causes Cancer Gives You Confidence

to Find Your Cancer Cure!

When I discovered the lump in my Breast, over 25 years ago, the only thing that I knew at that time (based on my previous herbal research) was that the lump was a build-up of toxins in my breast, and they needed to be removed.  Knowing just that little bit of information, pointed me in the direction of “My Natural Breast Cancer Cure”, and I am thankful to this day that God blessed me with the intellect and courage to attack the problem head-on with research and the determination NOT to become another Cancer statistic!

Medical Doctors Use FEAR Tactics with Cancer Patients

Unfortunately, most doctors instill a great amount of FEAR into their cancer patients, making them feel that if they don’t have surgery, or start the Chemotherapy Treatments immediately, that they will lose valuable time from their precious lives.  In reality, the cancer patient will just be delaying a most debilitating physical experience, which most people would rather avoid, if at all possible.  Too many cancer patients don’t realize that they can escape the horrors of Surgery, Radiation, and Chemotherapy,  by “Just Saying “NO!”… , and doing a little research into Cancer Causes and the Cure of Cancer, and follow their God-given intuition on selecting a natural, non-invasive treatment that can be customized for their body, disposition and physical capability. 

Research Cancer Causes and Make Better Decisions

I applaud Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Freudenmann in producing the wonderful educational video, “Cancer is Curable NOW!”, where they traveled the world interviewing hundreds of Alternative and Natural Cancer Treatment practitioners, so that a cancer patient’s research could simply consist of the viewing of a 2-hour video in the comfort of their own home, and they would learn about 30 of the most successful and complete Alternative Cancer Treatments in the world, that are curing people RIGHT NOW!  And after viewing this wonderful video, all they would have to do is “PICK ONE”, and make a call to get all of their questions answered and start a healing process that is customized to their particular disease and body!

 Cancer Causing Stress Factors

I consider myself very fortunate for not stressing too much after my discovery of that lump in my breast.  I recently learned that stress, fear, anger and anxiety, totally shut-down your immune system, right down to the cellular level! When that happens, your body continually deteriorates (because the cells won’t receive any nutrients), until the stress is relieved!  If you know anything about Cancer, you know that you absolutely need your Immune System to cure the disease!!!  So your “state of mind”, attitude and disposition play a HUGE PART in Cancer Causes!

The Spiritual Component of Cancer Causes

I also learned just a few weeks ago during a series of educational lectures held at the Hollywood Shumei Center, that sick people may also be harboring some “Spiritual Clouds” which need to be cleansed from their spirit, before their cancer healing can take place! This was a VERY interesting discovery to me, since I had concluded in my last article that “Diseases are not Hereditary, They’re Dietary”.  To assist with this Spiritual Detox, the Members of the Center give Jyorei, which is a spiritual purification process using Divine Light.  It is a service that the Shumei Members offer FREELY to the public, because they believe that every time they change the Spiritual nature of one person, they change the world for the better!   So if you have been diagnosed with Cancer, please find a Shumei Center and receive Jyorei.  I’m pretty sure that you will be VERY glad that you did!  😀

Are You Taking Good Care of Your Liver?…

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The First Cancer Cell May Be Forming


  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you have back pain?
  • Do you often feel tired and weak?
  • Do you sometimes have abdominal pain?
  • Do you sometimes feel nauseous?
  • Does your skin appear to be yellowish in color?


If you answered “yes” to two or more of these questions, then you may have a fatty liver problem and your liver may look like this!



The Ezra Protocol is the only system in existence

that is officially proven to reverse fatty liver!


Qigong Can Help Cure Your Cancer!

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I attended a wonderful 3-Day Weekend about Money and Wealth in May and was “Blown-Away” at the simple realities governing our lives concerning health and wealth!  It seems that our health and financial states of being are simply the results of our Mental, Emotional and Spiritual state of being! Now, how AWESOME IS THAT????!!!  Just think about it!… If our Health or our Money is “in a mess”, and totally “out of control” (i.e. have cancer and no money), then there’s something amiss with our Thoughts, Feelings, or Spiritual Beliefs, and we need to turn our attention to “fixing” them ASAP!

Well, Qigong is one approach to “fixing” what’s wrong with your life!

Click on the picture below to find out more!

Try it! …  You might Like It!

Cancer is Curable NOW! – A 110 minute Documentary VERIFYING Natural Cancer Cures!

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I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that over 30 prominent Natural Cancer Specialists “STOOD-UP” and made a full-length documentary telling people the TRUTH about the power of Natural Cancer Cures!Be sure to support these bold efforts to STOP unnecessary DEATHS from Cancer!  I told them back in March that their price was too high, and they needed to lower it! Well, they FINALLY listened to my plea, and now you can get the DVD for only $27.00 by clicking on the link below!

CANCER is curable NOW



Don’t MISS ITI!   

Use the “SHARE THIS BLOG” Button over on the right side to MAKE IT VIRILE people!  😀 With YOUR help, WE THE PEOPLE can WIN “The Cancer GAME” in OUR lifetime! Click the link below to see the movie preview and make your purchase TODAY!

 CANCER is curable NOW

Natural Hair Loss Treatment and Cure

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I like this particular article and video because it educates people about the POWER OF THE APPLE!  Who knew that apples had Polyphenols with wonderful anti-cancer, anti-aging, in addition to fantastic hair growing properties!  With all of my very detailed research about Natural Cancer Cures I am constantly being amazed and “blown away” about all the wonderful natural ways that God has given Man to be healthy and well, with a full variety of naturally Alkaline Organic foods and herbs…And how Man kills himself continually trying to imitate God in a futile attempt to out-do Her/Him J.  That EGO is so-o-o-o-o VERY DANGEROUS! 🙁

This video brings NEW meaning to the phrase: “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”, or maybe whoever coined that phrase already knew about the awesome POWER OF THE APPLE!  What do YOU think?… Enjoy! for more studies. 100% pure apple polyphenol. The polyphenols in Applepoly have anti-cancer, anti-aging and tremendous natural hair growth properties. What makes apple polyphenols so unique is that they have a higher concentration of polyphenols than other fruits and are extremely powerful. See more at Scientific studies have shown that the polyphenols in Applepoly make it the best natural hair loss treatment on the market. The studies done on this natural hair loss treatment have been done all over the world and are ongoing. If the studies continue to show more amazing results, it could be considered a natural hair loss cure. Apple polyphenols as a natural hair loss treatment was discovered by Japanese scientists doing studies on herbal hair growth and found that an apple extract had 300% growth rate. The polyphenols in apples are some of the strongest antioxidants on the planet and have been developed into a few products by applepoly. The apple polyphenols in applepoly have made this the best natural hair loss treatment and by far has the best results for hair growth in a short period of time. Bets of all it’s an all natural product and there are a very high amount of polyphenols in it, making this in my opinion one of the best products on the market. It is also highly recommended to cancer patients who have lost their hair due to chemo. Not only because apple polyphenols help fight cancer, they are also considered to be healthy natural hair loss cures. Recently I also found out that inositol has a direct link with hair growth and a deficiency in our systems can cause hair loss.

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