It is quite refreshing to hear Shane Ellison speak so passionately about Natural Cancer Cures and “Nutritional Logic”, especially with his background as a chemist, and being formerly employed in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  He advocates natural cancer cures over traditional therapies because he understands, without a doubt, that historically, “chemotherapy and radiation don’t work.”  Knowing that though, I’m curious as to why he would coin the phrase “Nutritional Chemotherapy” for Nutritional Supplements, UNLESS he’s part of the Pharmaceutical movement to legally equate all Nutritional Supplements with Pharmaceutical Drugs, so that they must come off the open shelves, and move behind the counter in the “pharamacy”, where they will need a doctor’s prescription to be dispensed to the public!  (Read CODEX article in CATEGORY = Natural Health Politics)  Just a thought…

Even though he’s NOT a medical doctor, Mr. Ellison was employed within the Pharmaceutical “beast” for some time, and it seems that the many TRUTHS he has learned about the drugs he was making during his employment has inspired him to write a book, but as I mentioned before, there could be another motive.  It’s very rare for you to get someone who was employed in the Industry to admit that Chemotherapy attacks ALL the cells, cancerous and healthy alike!   

Nevertheless, I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that one of my favorite spices, Turmeric, is a “cancer cell terminator”!  I am also curious to learn about the intricate details and multiple stages of Chemotherapy that he describes in his interview, to learn exactly what people are subjecting themselves to when they make that choice of treatment.  I look forward to reading his book, and possibly doing a review!

More info: Award winning drug chemist, Shane Ellison, discusses using turmeric as a first line of defense against cancer on the Creative Living Show with host Sheryl Borden. Traditional chemotherapy is compared to natural cancer cures. Curcumin’s power to correct cell signaling messages and induce suicide of rogue cancer cells is explained.

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