This 1-3/4 hour movie shows how companies, like Monsanto, are pushing for Genetically Modified Foods to become the “global” norm, through Farmer intimidation, but it’s also showing the resistance of the Global WE THE PEOPLE against these greedy food warmongers!!


***********News Flash!!!!!***********

I just learned the disturbing news that one of Monsanto’s former Vice Presidents, Tom Vilsack has been appointed Secretary of Agriculture, and I know that he will be pushing for Monsanto’s GMO foods to also be classified as “Organic”!  Don’t let it happen, people, otherwise the ONLY way we will be able to get healthy organic food is to GROW IT OURSELVES!!!!!!!

Let your CongressPeople know without a doubt that YOU do not want anymore expansion of genetically modified crops, AND the DESTRUCTION OF ALL EXISTING CROPS!  It’s time that WE STOOD UP AND SAID “NO MORE!”  Find your Congress people by clicking here!