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I personally know that curing cancer is possible, if discovered and treated early enough with a good raw food diet abundant with vitamin B17 enriched foods.

About 20 years ago, during a self breast-examination, I discovered a small lump in my breast about the size of a kidney bean, and I must confess, I initially went into a state of panic and stress! …And then I had to stop and remember…just, who I was, and what knowledge I had acquired at that time about herbs.

I had been successfully assisting my family and friends with natural herbal medicine choices for about 5 years at that time, but I never had to use any of my Herbal Medicines on myself! I have always been a very active, athletic, healthy person, so I was totally shocked when I discovered that cyst in my breast!   “How could something like this happen to ME of all people!!????”, I asked myself.

I knew that the lump was a sign of toxic build-up, so I went to work reading everything I could find on detoxification and blood purification, and ended up with a powdered mixture of 36 of the most powerful herbs I could find that HISTORICALLY cleansed the blood of toxins (I now call that particular herbal formula, “Blood-So-Pure”).  Even though I didn’t know it at that time, what I decided to do next was even more important than the herbs… I went on a totally RAW DIET of fresh fruit, vegetables, raw almonds and raisins, all the while drinking lots of fresh water and100% fruit juices.

And it wasn’t long before the magic began to happen!….

I had toyed with the idea of becoming a vegetarian, but even then, it was predominately cooked foods, so the thought of going totally raw, was a major step for me at that time.  But my instinct told me that I needed a 100% totally raw diet in order for me to cure the cancer that was beginning to grow inside my breast.

The first few days were the most difficult, but my favorite snack at that time was amixture of raw almonds and raisins, which I ate in abundance, and which kept me satisfied enough, so that I was able to stick to the daily raw fruit and vegetable salad regiment without any problem.  Now, with the new information that I have discovered about cancer being a vitamin B17 deficiency, I fully understand that it was the raw almonds, even more so than the herbs, that played a major part in my cancer cure, since almonds are second only to apricot seeds as a source for natural vitamin B17.

By the sixth day, I could literally feel the lump getting smaller, and by the 14th day, it had completely disappeared! Needless to say, my faith in herbal medicine increased, but I also became a strong advocate for the vegan diet with heavy concentration on raw.

The main point I want to make with this story is, had I not been educated about cancer and its causes at the time that I discovered that lump in my breast, I may have made the grave mistake of being overcome with fear and ran to a medical doctor in a panic to get mutilated in surgery, or “radiated” to death, or poisoned with chemotherapy treatments!

Taking full control and responsibility of our own health is one of the most revolutionary non-violent actions we as American People can make, especially in a time when the government officials are trying to pigeon-hole us into a Healthcare System that railroads us straight into the clasps of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries whose monetary greed causes them to embrace death and disease rather than life and good health.

I am on a personal mission to research and discover as many natural cancer cures as possible. If you have any information about holistic, natural alternative cancer cures, please be sure to come and post it right here on my blog, where I too, will continually update my cancer cure findings.

It’s been almost exactly one year since I started my research about natural cancer cures, and it seems that right after my birthday, I am re-energized  to gathering more research about natural cancer cures. Last year my motivating element was an article about Vitamin B17 and the discovery that Apricot Seeds have this amazing vitamin B17 that cures cancer. I was both excited and angry about the information because it showed that this natural cancer cure was discovered over 25 years ago!  The only reason why the information was not widely known was because the Pharmecutical and Medical Industries made it almost impossible to get the information out to the public. Infact, the FDA made it a CRIME for any store to carry Apricot Seeds on their shelves and actually conducted raids on stores that were reported selling them!  The fact that our very own government would allow such vital information to be kept  from the American people made me so angry!  I could not help but think how many multitudes of lives could have been saved, and how much suffering could have been prevented with this small tidbit of  information!  From that point,  I became committed to finding as many natural cancer cures that I could and use the Internet Technology to let the public know that these natural cures do in fact exist!

Over the past year with the help of the 30-Day Challenge, I created my first website namedwww.YourCancerCure.Net and just last month statistics showed over 2000 hits! So I know that the information is needed and being referenced by people all over the world.  Now, one year later, I am rededicating myself to continuing the research and dispersing the information in yet a more unified and organized manner under this current new domain address which will be a combination of last year’s research and all subsequent discoveries.  I hope that people read each method disclosed here as a possible pathway back to Good Health, for themselves, for a family member or a friend!

Thank you for visiting this website and reading! Here’s to finding Your natural cancer cure!